our story

At St. Kitts Chocolate Factory, our mission is to create the finest quality chocolates for discerning chocolate lovers. 

We produce a range of gourmet truffles and soft centered chocolates in our state-of-the-art chocolate factory on the picturesque island of St. Kitts and Nevis. St. Kitts, affectionately known as Sugar City because of the numerous sugar plantations that once inhabited the island. St. Kitts is one of the Caribbean's most popular tourist destinations. We are proud to be the island's first and only producers of fine chocolate products.

St. Kitts Chocolate Factory uses carefully selected superior organic ingredients to create handcrafted chocolates using the world's finest Belgium chocolate, butter, purées, spices, and nuts.

Our team of internationally trained Chocolatiers creates an assorted collection of truffles, white, milk, or dark chocolate, with liquid centers. Our soft centered chocolates are infused with cream, fresh herbs, spices, nuts, liquid caramel, honey, imported and local fruit fillings such as guava and passion fruit.

Our Promise

  • Always fresh.
  • Products are made with the greatest care and craftsmanship, using original recipes.
  • No chemicals, artificial colors, additives, or preservatives.

Due to its organic nature our gourmet chocolates have a three-week shelf life.