our founders

Gary and I are hard working entrepreneurs who had no plans of opening a chocolate factory when we first moved to Sugar City (St. Kitts).  We moved to St. Kitts in 2007, and we instantly fell in love with the beautiful island and its sweet people. We actively committed ourselves to becoming involved in contributing to the enhancement of St. Kitts both domestically and internationally. We opened two retail stores and employed residents of St. Kitts and provided exceptional service to locals and tourists. Although we enjoyed what we were doing, something was missing. There was a void.

I've always had a sweet tooth, but chocolate has been my weakness since I was a little girl.  Memories of my father giving me chocolate treats still warm my heart today when I indulge in fine chocolate. I'm not sure of the actual moment when I realized that I wanted to make chocolate, but I recall saying to Gary that I'd like to open a chocolate factory.  Gary, my husband, and business partner, a chocolate lover himself, supported me from day one, and together we embarked on our true passion – St. Kitts Chocolate Factory!

Gary's savvy business skills and his strong desire to make this all a reality became the driving force behind the establishment of St. Kitts Chocolate Factory.  Within a few months, we were immersed in the world of cocoa.  We were excited and challenged all at the same time. We studied traditional and innovative techniques and married the two to create a unique experience – St. Kitts Chocolate Factory was born!

An essential ingredient in the success of St. Kitts Chocolate Factory is being involved in the entire process – from working directly with our suppliers to designing the packaging, and in every step in between. We personally source and import the finest raw materials from Italy and Belgium, ensuring that the quality adheres to our standards. We look forward to planting our first crop of cacao in St. Kitts in the future, which will allow us to oversee the entire value chain from root to bar.

Gary and I wanted to share our handcrafted, locally made chocolates with St. Kitts, but we also wanted to ensure that people from all over the world could indulge. We opened the first St. Kitts Chocolate Factory in the ideal location of Port Zante Harbor where visitors from around the world cruise and dock in St. Kitts.

Gary and I have built a chocolate business based on socially and environmentally sustainable principles. We're dedicated not just to making the highest quality chocolate you can buy, but also in continuing our commitment to share the pride of St. Kitts and Nevis with the world. Along with its bright sunshine and beautiful rolling mountains, St. Kitts now offers sweet memories of chocolates as souvenirs for every person who visits this paradise.

We look forward to you visiting our Port Zante location in St. Kitts.