Japanese Flair- Raspberry Wasabi Praline (dark)

Devilish and distinct, the horseradish based pralines create a smooth and seamless taste for adventurous chocolate lovers. The slight sting of the wasabi is nicely balanced by the sweetness and acidity of the raspberry.
XCD5.40 USD2.00

Madeira-Port Praline

These exquisite chocolates are flavored with port and require a fair degree of chocolate-making skill as well as some specialty equipment. Dark chocolate around a milk chocolate ganache infused with Port.
XCD6.00 USD 2.25

Passion Spice-Passion Fruit, Coconut & Cardamom Ganache

Smooth chocolate ganache with passion fruit encased in milk chocolate shell and a hint of freshly grated cardamom.XCD5.40/USD2.00

Lemon Verbena Ganache

Unusual and addictive, possessing a fragrant herb with intense lemon, a new high for a refreshing new chocolate.

Fluer De sel soft Caramels

An iconic treat once tasted will make you swoon. The salt imparts a delightful counterpoint to the richly sweet caramel and all of it becomes a splendid symphony of flavors and textures with the addition of chocolate.
XCD4.00 USD1.50