Molded Chocolates

Molded Chocolates

Cognac & Ginger cream

A thick chocolate layer with a smooth cognac & ginger syrup inside the soft chocolate cover. The crystallized ginger on top enhances the flavor.
XCD6.00 USD 2.25

Blue Berry Ganache Chocolate

Sinful & scrumptious! The blueberry ganache is an emulsion of chocolate cream and blueberries.
XCD5.40 USD2.00

Roasted Hazel Nut Chocolate

Exceptional combinations of decadent roasted hazelnuts only gets richer when paired with the finest dark or milk chocolate.
XCD5.40 USD2.00

Plain caramel

Creamy, dreamy chocolate morphs these soft chocolate caramels give them a chewy, fudge-like consistency and taste.
XCD4.00 USD1.50