Turtles-Almond Slivered Dark/Milk Chocolate

Clusters of shredded roasted almonds dipped in smooth milk, & dark chocolate.
Rich & Gooey deluxe candies.
XCD 68.00/USD 25.00 – one bag approx 250 grams.

Dynamic Duo-Almond & Cashew Dark/ White Chocolate

A rich gooey crunchy combination of fresh-roasted almonds, premium cashews, and milk or dark chocolate. A texture and combination hard to resist.
XCD 68.00/USD 25.00 – one bag approx 250 grams.

Macadamia/Hazelnut Gianduja

The great Hazelnut becomes even better with chocolate. A sinful combination of Hazelnuts or full bodied flavor of Macadamia with milk or dark chocolate.
XCD 60.00/USD 22.00 – one bag approx 250 grams.

Cocoa Coconut Crush

Bountiful, delicious and healthy, simple little treats with Coconut and dark or milk Chocolate.
XCD 54.00/USD 20.00

Dark chocolate caramel poppers

For the devoted popcorn fans a delectable hand drizzled coating of dark chocolate on your favorite caramel popcorn-crispy, crunchy, caramelized.
XCD 54.00/USD 20.00 – one bag approx 250 grams.