Chocolate is more than a food- it is a passion! At St. Kitts Chocolate Factory you will find amazing chocolate confections that will delight, amaze and fulfill your cravings in the best way! Do you think chocolate possesses mystical powers? You might be a chocoholic.

Confused about all the baking chocolate to choose from at the grocery store? You’re not alone. From bars to powder and chips, from milk to bittersweet and dark, the selection can get overwhelming. It can be enough to convince a baker to switch to white cake with vanilla frosting.

Artisanal chocolate makers know that a good piece of high-end chocolate is a treat to be enjoyed, a source of health and a great way to celebrate just about anything.

The hardcore chocolate lover never has to worry about old chocolate going bad on the shelf. In fact, she may puzzle how you could happen. But it does. What a waste!

The idea of eating incredible amounts of chocolate to soothe feelings of loneliness and depression has become something of a cliché in our culture.

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