they're very happy to receive something related to their specific interest. However there's one gift that seems to cut across all preferences and hobbies, and which virtually everyone on the planet is thrilled to receive – chocolate.

Part of its widespread appeal is no doubt due to the sweet, delicious taste it offers, but another aspect of its allure is the wide variety of forms, flavors, and shapes that it can be made into, especially by fine chocolatiers. In recent years there has also been an explosion of experimentation that has the confection being mixed with other favorite flavors to create products which have double the appeal to fans, e.g. orange chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, raspberry chocolate, cherry cheesecake chocolate, etc. Apart from its extraordinary taste, here are a few more reasons for the universal appeal of chocolate.

Chocolates are an expression of love

A gift of fine chocolates is a great expression of love and caring for the recipient, and in effect, it says to a person that you desire to make them happy and elevate their sense of well being. There are few things that brighten someone's mood better than a gift of choice, handcrafted chocolates, created by a master artisan. To add to the expression of caring, a customized package or box can be used, and perhaps even tied up with an attractive ribbon. To complete the presentation, a customized note or gift card can express in words the same beautiful sentiments that gourmet chocolates express.

Fine chocolates symbolize class and elegance

Some of the finest chocolate makers in the world take almost the same amount of care and effort to create their signature chocolate pieces as a sculptor or a painter might with their creations. While such gourmet chocolate pieces may be a bit more expensive than the corner store chocolate bar, when you really want to make an impression on someone, you want them to know that you sought out the highest quality chocolates, simply because your gifted deserves it.

Chocolates are healthier than other confections

Dark chocolates have been scientifically proven to provide certain health benefits for people, far beyond lifting someone's mood or providing a temporary increase of energy. Dark chocolates can also help alleviate problems with joints, and can help to prevent allergies, menstrual tension, diabetes, and heart disease. Because they are a rich source of antioxidants, multivitamins, sea salts, and omega-3, they can also help boost the immune system and assist with people's efforts to lose weight.

No matter what the occasion is - a birthday, Christmas present, Easter basket surprise, or just a 'thinking of you' sentiment - a gift of fine chocolates is the perfect way to show someone you care about them, and that you think they deserve the best.